The Surprise Costs of Owning a Pet

(Image from Deposit Photos) You have decided you need a pet because you want emotional support, or maybe you just love animals, but have you thought about the hidden costs of owning pets? Having pets is more than just getting to snuggle with an adorable ball of fluff. When you... Read more →

Pet Insurance in Canada: Is It Worth It?

(Image from Deposit Photos) Thinking of getting a pet? If you already own a pet, you're a part of the 58% of Canadians who do, according to the Canadian Annual Health Institute. A deciding factor for pet ownership is often the overall cost. Unlike car insurance, which is mandatory to... Read more →

Tips on Bathing an Anxious Dog

(Source: Bachkova Natalia/ Bathing your dog is a key part of pet ownership. Your furry family member needs to be soft and clean in order to thrive in life and — let’s be honest — nobody wants to cuddle up with a stinky, mangy pooch. But unsurprisingly, bathing comes with... Read more →

Dog Shows - How Do They Work?

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Delightful New Board Books Featuring Spencer!

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving two new books by Michelle Romo. Good Night, Spencer and Spencer Loves You are two adorable board books that will put a smile on your face. I swear it doesn't matter how old you are...there is a childlike allure within us when it... Read more →

5 Tips for Dealing With an Aggressive Cat

As a pet owner, you already know that pets can have their moods, and they can also be unpredictable sometimes. However, if you have noticed that your cat has been behaving aggressively for some time already, it is time to take action. In this article, we will share helpful tips... Read more →