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Alternative vs. Modern Medical Treatments for Pets

Disclosure: Allivet is a participant in Marketing That Makes a Difference When it comes to your pets' health, you don't want to take any chances. Yet, there are two schools of thought when it comes to pet health: alternative treatments can help prevent more serious medical issues, and modern medicine... Read more →

Announcing The World's First App-Controlled Pet Door!

Sure Petcare Microchip Pet Door Connect, The World’s First App-Controlled Pet Door, Perfect For Pet Lovers Who Want To Control Pet Access When Away From Home Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary Microchip Pet Door Connect, which was donated to a local animal rescue fundraiser. Using the Sure Petcare app,... Read more →

Woofs of Wisdom: A Collection of Dog Training & Behaviour Soundbites #Giveaway!

With years of experience as a renowned dog behavioural expert, Tony Cruse is fully aware that it’s not always easy to bridge the gap between pooch and person. However, in his new book, Cruse brings together over forty of the world’s top canine experts in a compilation of short phrases... Read more →

Pisces Pet Emporium - The Largest Family-owned, Independent Pet Store in Canada! #Giveaway!

It's really good to know that family businesses are alive and well in Canada. One such business is Pisces Pet Emporium in Calgary, Alberta. Their in-store and on-line pet supply business is well respected, as they are truly dedicated to pets and pet parents all across the country. And great... Read more →

Isla Animals Vital Spay/Neuter Efforts Need Public Support!

The wild dogs of Mexico are flea and tick infested. They are diseased and hungry. They are unloved and disposable. And their average lifespan is a scant one to three years. But there is a ray of hope. Since 2001, Alison Sawyer has dedicated her life to curbing the unchecked... Read more →

BringerPet ~ Helping You To Celebrate Your Pet!

Recently, a very nice peep by the name of Jeffrey Pozhydaiev, contacted me regarding their new business, BringerPet. Considering A) I love pets B) I love cartoons C) I love custom-made gifts; helping him to spread the word was a no-brainer! I asked Jeffrey what BringerPet was all about. "We... Read more →

Why You Should Get A Dog DNA Kit

Ok, let’s be honest, dogs don’t really need to “know themselves” better. Humans love tracing back their family tree, learning about their ancestors, and connecting the lives of their predecessors to their own modern lives. While self-discovery and introspection can be hugely beneficial for humans, dogs enjoy their canine life... Read more →

12 Things Every Perspective Parrot Owner Should Know

Owning a parrot is very rewarding. However, as any parrot owner knows there is a lot more to ownership than meets the eye. ExoticDirect, insurers of exotic pets, have compiled a checklist offering some handy advice and guidance. How big should your parrot’s cage be? Your parrots cage should be... Read more →