Keeping Your Pets Safe From Foodborne Illness

Just like their human owners, pets are prone to contracting harmful pathogens. “Unfortunately, foodborne illness often goes undiagnosed in pets because owners do not realize pets can contract them and veterinarians do not test for Salmonella or E. coli,” according to Deirdre Schlunegger, CEO of Stop Foodborne Illness, a national,... Read more →

Barbie Puppy Party - Inspiring Kids to Learn About Animal Welfare

Guest Writer: Danica Davidson When I was little, I was that kid who always scribbled in notebooks and wanted to adopt every pet who needed a home. I guess that hasn’t entirely changed. These days I’ve put the two loves together by writing about animals — everything from journalism on... Read more →

How to Choose a Vacuum for Dog Hair

Guest Writer: James Hall As a dog owner, you probably feel like you could spend all day cleaning yet still have a home covered in hair. Some dogs shed throughout the year, so removing hair is a continuous battle. For this reason, having a powerful pet vacuum is essential. But... Read more →