How To Choose The Right Filter For Your Terrarium

The terrarium is a closed environment that is designed to replicate the elements of a natural ecosystem that turtles live in. Consequently, you need to be very careful about the way the environment is operated. Turtles are highly sensitive creature. Their behavior is closely linked to the natural processes like... Read more →

Roar! Dog Lion Mane Giveaway!

I was super tickled when Peter from contacted me about their flagship product, the Dog Lion Mane. After receiving one and seeing how fantastic the quality is, I just had to share the news with everyone. I have seen similar products that are scratchy and well, just plain cheap... Read more →

5 Helpful Tips for Pregnant Dog Care

Helping your dog during pregnancy can be an intimidating and arduous undertaking, even under perfect circumstances. Whether it’s your personal pet companion or you’re a kind soul who’s opted to rescue a pregnant dog, to amply prepare yourself for the road ahead, there’s much that you should know. I’ve put... Read more →

How To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Car

Dogs love to be with people. People love to be with dogs. And both adorable species love to get around and discover new places. Why would you want to go anywhere without your beloved pet dog? Perhaps the only thing that’s stopping you is that you’re not quite sure whether... Read more →