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Celebrate your Pet in a Keepsake Bracelet

I'm gearing up to attend Blogpaws 2010 and I'm so looking forward to showing off my new Oscar Bracelet.


I made it using my Heritage Makers publishing system.  It's so easy!  You can make one too!

  1. Sign up for a FREE Basic Studio Account on my website
  2. Choose Start a New project
  3. Choose a Blank Project
  4. Select photo gifts
  5. Click on HM Bracelets
  6. Name your project
  7. Press click here to begin
  8. Click on my photos and add your photos
  9. Then just drag and drop!    I am here to help you with your project so no worries!

I'm thinking it'll become all of the Fashion rage in dogparks all over the world!  You too can celebrate your pet (or anyone else in your family) in a very stylish and cool bracelet and keep the memory of them alive for years to come.

To help me get to Blogpaws I am selling the book I illustrated (Three Grin Salad) for only $5 plus $2 for shipping. (Canada only)  Three Grin Salad, A Kid's Recipe for a Happy & Healthy Life was a finalist in the USA Best Book Awards in the Children's category.  That was exciting.   To order, look for the Paypal button on the right.  To learn more about the book, visit the Three Grin Salad website.  Thank you to ICAN Press for supplying me with lots of copies, as I raise money to go to be amongst my pet-loving peeps!


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