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Almost Perfect - Disabled Pets & The People who love them

Many of you know that I am very drawn to books that feature the amazing bond that exists between humans and the animal world.  Almost Perfect - Disabled Pets & The People Who Love Them is a delightful and touching book.   This is a summary from the website: 

Almost Perfect
contains essays by eleven contributors from three countries.
Some veteran writers join with several new voices to bring you inspiring, uplifting and thought-provoking stories of domestic pets unlike any you've ever met. Allow yourself to believe once again in the power of the positive as you follow the many ways in which helping and loving "less-than-perfect" critters helps their human counterparts appreciate what it means to be fully alive.

Be sure to check out the Story Excerpts and you'll see why this book is a must have for anyone that has a heart.

Mary Shafer, Editor of this wonderful book also has a Blog, Almost Perfect Pets. Well worth the follow. 


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Thank you for this lovely review! and for being aware of books that celebrate the amazing bond between humans and animals.

Vicki Tiernan, Co-author of Almost Perfect and Mom of cover dog, Ruby

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